From The Blоck

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Verse 1
So when I saw you for the first time
I was excited by your eyes
And when we talk about lifestyle
I can't believe how smart you are

Girl from the block
Watch you make a break-through
In high society
You are so cool, but

Everybody'd like to have you baby
Have you baby
Have you baby
Everybody'd like to have you baby
Spend some time with you
Everybody'd like to make you lady
Make you lady
Make you lady
Everybody'd like to have you baby
Want to be with you

Verse 2
And when I saw you in a one year
I was impressed the way you changed
And when we talked about life-style
You said I need to win a game

Girl from the block
You will go through a lot
Only I don't know
Ready or not but

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