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    Рэп | Trap | R'n'B / Танцевальные / House
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Текст песни

Verse 1
My jersey it needs to be hung in rafters
And my memoir need a hundred chapters
What I’m running after something grander
You and me couldn’t mix you among a master
Still I’m such a humble grafter
Nothing go stop me I hum my mantra
Lungs I batter when I yell tales
I make hell raise better hug your pastor
Into question you brung my stature
Will it affect him? Was once a factor
Shit isn’t trending? Why grumble mad for?
It’s interesting to dumb my stanzas
On drums I rap to was your answer
To get me directly up the ladder
As an emcee it helps me understand a
Heftier check be one would rather
Trade they soul for

Verse 2
Fire setting with the ill writtens
Till I am legend ain’t no will smithing
’s like I’m Beckham when d skills kick in
You can find a helmet think of Phil Simmons
Cuz I’m at your head not a pillow neither lines I’m penning is a gift given
Disrespect from these little divas I addressing like it’s billed shipping
Gatekeepers try shutting we down wire fencing so I’m still digging
Independent means under d ground
Mic nuh begging I was built different
Stick on script skipping d help Wise was never for d quick fixing
Brick pon brick build it we self try and catch us when we snip ribbons
Great with pads no basic gab bars is shipped to mars
Fame and fads won’t chase and grab so father will we starve?

Verse 3
Sharpness in the bars, yeah
Bless the fingers sketching scriptures being the best I’m into want the stench to linger
Mere sniffs at the crown just won’t do never settling for
Second in a line up like I was a desperate sprinter not even by a thread or whisker
My exit is the lines that I pen sinister said with my chest what the heck’s a whisper?
Mi familia we were Deemed inferior cuz appealing easier to the seedy media doing deals with greedier leaches treating yuh as a feast deceiving yuh wasn’t we criteria
It be in theory a means of reaching yuh dream so speedier make you feel superior
Before your sign your name watch their plate
Compare that to the meals they feeding yuh

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