Lose Control

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Текст песни

Verse 1
What about dreams
I keep a secret
Someone who whispered it to me. It is amazing
Every day I want to shout about it. Maybe
I don’t know how to keep your secrets from you, baby

What do you think of my new dress? ok i like that
I put it on for you, I love you, I forgive you baby
The sun will rise, just look at me. cause in my eyes respect
I will forever ever be your little lady

Lose control
Lose control

Verse 2
Bye, bye, bye. I don't care anymore
Yes, I cry , but that’s nothing at all
Light will still come into my life
And love will be on my side
I got all. Now I’m over it
Yes, it hurts me, quite a bit
if you hear me, never touch me again
I will no longer be in your hands. But

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