Обложка трека It's My Vibe

It's My Vibe

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Текст песни

Verse 1
I can't deny what I feel inside
Every time I see you, my heart takes flight
It's like the world around us fades away
And all that's left is you and me, every day

You and me, we'll be forever
Through the stormy weather

Looking up at the stars, wondering where we fit in
In this vast uni
, where do we begin?
But when I'm with you, it all falls into place
We're just two small pieces in this infinite space

Verse 2
You make me smile when I'm feeling down
And every time you're near, I'm on solid ground
I can't imagine life without you
Cause you're the only one who makes my dreams come true

You and me, we'll be forever
Cause we've got something special

Verse 3
Rock and love, they go hand in hand
With every beat of our hearts, we feel the power of the band
We'll dance together in the middle of the crowd
And let the music take us higher than the clouds

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