It Will Be Soon

  • Жанр
    Поп / Эстрада / Шансон
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Текст песни

Verse 1
I want to walk
You wanna sleep
Again we take misunderstanding you and me
I wanna drink
You want to eat
So many times we like to do so different things

Maybe, everything is wrong
Maybe you and I have different goals
And this feeling is so strong
Now I realize where I will go
I'm leaving now

I will go away
Out of your hands
I will sail away
To the distant lands
I will fly away
May be to the moon
I will run away
And it will be soon

And it will be soon
And it will be soon

Verse 2
And when you see
That I'm away
That I have gone
And you won't see me anywhere
You'll understand
You'll cry your tears
I am so far away and I will not appear

Maybe then you`ll understand
How much you have lost and see the truth
That I'm in another land
Then you want me to come back to you
But I left you

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